Year 2009 in review

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What did I do in 2009?

Compared to 2008, this year was slow on travel. Since I was in school and pretty much broke from all the trips last year, there was very little I did.


I started the new year in India and flew back to Canada shortly after that.


I went on several biking and trekking day trips with Chad to places around Toronto, but our biggest one was a 4-day biking trip to Southern Ontario. Equipped with camping gear, we bicycled across small towns and through the woods for a total of 170km.

There were few camping trips too, the biggest one being to Frontenac park amidst beautiful fall colors and an unexpected cold wave (-5ºC) on the Thanksgiving weekend .

Toronto Tuesday, with sights an flavors of Toronto will continue in the next year.

Abandoned mineshaft on a snowy Christmas day in Timmins

Right now I am in Timmins, a little city in north-eastern Ontario where I am spending the holidays with Chad’s family. I did several things for the first time in my life, such as seeing reindeer, eating reindeer meat and bear meat, drinking home brewed wine, getting my first Christmas present, going skidooing and snowshoeing and many other things… etc.


I made three trips across the border, two of them were to nearby places: Niagara Falls and Buffalo.

Before my Fall semester began, I went on a 8 day trip to New York city and Chicago. I walked till my feet fell and did many touristy things like walking with a I ‘heart’ NY shirt and taking cheezy pictures at the cloud gate in millennium park.

Plans for 2010

Simply stated, it all depends on how much money I have…hehehee. I’d like to see more of Canada and if possible make one trip overseas. Lets see where it goes!

This travel blog is one year old and I am excited about the next year. 🙂

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