Germany: Berlin and all that jazz

Berlin is as awesome as it sounds, a number of tourist attractions, easy to get around, and access to a wide selection of international fare. Truly a city of contrasts, with lots to explore in every neighbourhood.

Travel stories from Berlin

Last summer I visited Berlin for four days and had a fun time exploring the city. There’s so much to do there, I felt my time was enough to get acquainted with the city at a superficial level only. Nevertheless, if you are visiting, I’d suggest spending at least this much time to really enjoy the German capital.

I walked around a lot, and there’s a distinct neighbourhood feel to each part of the city that you visit. The eastern side has wide avenues and imposing buildings, reminding me of Moscow, while the western part, which had the American, British, and the French quarters, feels more familiar. Public transit is awesome, in fact, being a transit geek, I spent one full day exclusively taking the bus, tram, light rail, subway, and the commuter rail across the city. 🙂

Berlin was surprisingly diverse, and the variety of food is great. Most people if not everyone speaks English, making it a very international city, but having some knowledge of German helps (I could recall few phrases from my university courses). But hey if you speak neither English nor German, pick up some Turkish, will you?

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