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I have been travelling all over the world for the past few years, spending approximately three months every year on the road. Check out my travelogue, photos and stories from backpacking, hitchhiking, gastronomic and other adventures.

Travel Stories and Backpacking Adventures

Over the last few years, I have backpacked to numerous countries, listed below in alphabetical order. My stories and experiences from these travels are fully documented along with pictures, videos and other media in the sections below. I try to spend approximately three months on the road each year, and work and save for rest of the year. It’s working great so far!

South Asia

Bhutan, India

South-East Asia

Indonesia, Malaysia

Middle East

Egypt, Israel, Turkey

Western Europe

Denmark, Germany, UK (England)

Eastern Europe

Poland, Russia

Central America

Costa Rica, Mexico

South America

Ecuador, Peru

North America

Canada, USA

Bhutan: Mystic Druk Yul

Thanks to my Indian passport, I was able to travel to Bhutan for free and without many travel restrictions (just need lots of permits). You might have heard that Bhutan prides itself on being the ‘Happiest country in the world’ and promotes the use of a metric called GNH: Gross National Happiness (instead of the usual GDP which only measures economic progress.) The landscape of Bhutan is dotted with prayer flags, chortens and monasteries ranging from modest structures to fort-garrisons, and the people are extremely friendly. Did you know that Bhutan’s national sport is Archery and its national dish is cheese and chilis? (yeah, pretty spicy!)
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Bhutan pictures | Top 25 | Monasteries of Bhutan | Cities and towns | Landscapes | Monastery artwork | People

West Africa

Travelogue from my trip to west Africa, checking out the Voodoo festival in Benin, Ashanti celebrations in Ghana, vastness of Lake Togo, and enjoying delicious food and sights the region has to offer.
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West Africa Photo Gallery: Ghana | Togo | Benin | Food | Cities and People | Voodoo Festival | Nature and Beaches | Slave Trade

Canada: True North strong and free

Canada is my home, I’m primarily based in Toronto. I immigrated to this wonderful country in 2006 and she embraced me with open arms. I haven’t written any travelogues about Canada per se, but there are lots of short stories and pictures, including a series I ran for few years called Toronto Tuesday.
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Canada pictures | Top 30 | Seasons | Montreal | Ottawa | City life

The Silk Road in Central Asia

I always dreamed of exploring the Silk Road in Central Asia, visiting places that ancient caravans traversed, and sites where the world’s oldest cultures and religions intermingled with each other, such as the Chinese, Indian, Persian, Greek, Roman, etc. The Central Asian “stan’s” were even more beautiful than I imagined and I saw a lot as I travelled through Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan.
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Central Asia Pictures | Highlights | Hiking and outdoors | UNESCO World Heritage Sites | Pamirs and Wakhan | Samarkand | Bukhara | Food

Costa Rica: Tico Trails

Costa Rica is a wonderful country and is filled with tons of outdoor and adventure activities. I spent time on both the Atlantic and the Pacific coasts as well as in the central highlands. Volunteering at a seaturtle-conservation project, surfing, hiking in cloud forests, sampling foods from different parts of the country, to just chilling on the beach – there’s everything for everyone here. As the locals say, cheers to pura vida (pure life)!
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Costa Rica Pictures | Top 20 | Flora and Fauna | Nature | San Jose | Monteverde | Tamarindo | Atlantic Coast | Food!


I stopped in Copenhagen on a layover, and the city is truly a cyclists’ paradise!
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Egypt: The gift of the Nile

I travelled along the Nile in Egypt from end to end – Alexandria, Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, and Abu Simbel. There is so much historical wealth and pharaonic era monuments in this country. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised how much of this history still remains. Unfortunately, the rampant onslaught of tourists that are quite disrespectful – touching, scratching, using flash photography – probably means that the human history will be destroyed in the coming decades. Tourism was also low when I visited; haggling was constant and quite annoying.
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Egypt Highlights | Pyramids and Temples | Hieroglyphs | Valley of the Kings

Ecuador: Travelling across the hemispheres

One of the most geographically diverse countries in the world, Ecuador is an adventure traveller’s paradise. Here I hiked snow-capped volcanic mountains, walked around rugged peripheries of collapsed volcanic craters, rode a bike down from the mountains to the Amazon plains and relaxed at the waterfront on the pacific coast. My visit was dominated by drunken fiestas, street parties and weekend markets in rural towns.
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Ecuador Pictures | Top 25 | Hiking volcanoes | Indigenous markets | The Quilotoa Loop | Quito | Otavalo | Latacunga | Baños | Cuenca | Guayaquil | Food!


Few days in Berlin – the city is incredible and there’s so much to explore!
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I have traveled to many parts of the country but haven’t blogged about my travel stories much. As you’ve probably heard many times, India is not one country, but a collection of many. Way more diverse than, say, the European Union, but works miraculously well as a collective. Traveling the length and breadth of India would take more than a lifetime, and the life experiences will make you wiser, stronger, and resilient.
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India Pictures | Top 30 | Hiking in the Himalayas | Remote North East


Travelling across the islands of Java and Bali and visiting old Hindu and Buddhist temples, nature reserves, volcanoes, and relaxing on incredibly beautiful beaches. That sums up my Indonesia visit well.
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Indonesia Pictures | Bali | Java | Temples | Beaches and Nature | Food!

Israel: Scrolls from the Holy Land (including Palestinian Territories)

Being the holy land for the three Abrahamic faiths, religion is quite in-your-face throughout the country. Israel is also a very dramatic place in every respect. From gun-trotting youngsters to all-night parties in Tel Aviv; from lively Shabbat ceremonies to the rigorous border checks; from tranquility of the Negev to rocket attacks from Gaza, I never had a dull moment in Israel.
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Israel Photos | Top 30 | Jerusalem | Dead Sea | Galilee | Tel Aviv | Bethlehem (West Bank)


I stopped in Kuala Lumpur for a couple of days and was very impressed by the city’s multi-modal transport, street markets, and food!
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Mexico: Mayans, Aztecs and Spaniards

I went to Mexico to escape the bitter cold and found myself in a colourful paradise filled with delicious foods and breathtaking sights. Starting in Mexico city, I explored the areas around it, went to Yucatan, and ended my journey in Cancun. Throughout the trip, I was treated with warm hospitality and humor as I attempted to converse with the locals in my broken Spanish.
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Complete Album | Top 30 | Mexican Food | Pyramids, and pre-Colombian cities

Peru: Andean Explorations

The other day I was bored at work and so I booked a flight to Peru on an impulse, without figuring out the administrative requirements needed for such a vacation. Needless to say this unplanned (plan-as-you-go) trip was a blast, and as I travelled from Lima to Cusco via Arequipa and Puno I couldn’t but marvel at the talents of Inca architects and beautiful downtown areas built by the Spaniards. The highlight was, but of course, Machu Picchu.
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Peru album | Top 25 | Machu Picchu | Hiking | Life and people | Stunning landscapes | Inca architecture | Lima | Arequipa | Colca Canyon | Lake Titicaca | Puno | Cusco and Sacred Valley


Travelogue from my brief visit to Poland, to the capital city of Warsaw and the renaissance old town of Poznań, both of which have been rebuilt after the war. Armed with a few words in Polish, I met some incredibly friendly Poles, got to taste some delicious food in old Soviet-era milk bars, and biked through various neighbourhoods of Warsaw. It was a lot of fun!
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Russia: Rouble Chronicles

Studying Russian for four months and jumping through bureaucratic hurdles to arrange a tourist visa: it was all worth it when I stepped on the Red Square. I liked everything about travelling in Russia, especially situations where the apparently stiff-faced strangers broke into warm smiles and showed generous hospitality as soon as I blurted a few words of Russian. Oh don’t get me started on the train ride in a third-class compartment!
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Russia Pictures | Top 20 | Kremlin and the Red Square | Orthodox Churches | Moscow | Moscow Metro | St. Petersburg | Golden Ring | Novgorod and Vyborg | Sochi | Food | Life in cities

Turkey: Whirling dervishes

Merhaba! I heavily researched into my travels before going to Turkey since I am quite fascinated with the history and archeology of this region in general. I even studied the Turkish language (very important for bargaining) and managed to humor the locals. Turkey is very easy on the travel front and the food will leave you wanting for more.
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Full album | Top 50 | Grand Mosques of Turkey | Unique natural wonders | Food!

England (UK)

Layover in London, more than enough time to get a feel of the city and walk around the big ticket attractions.
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I have been to a few cities south of the border, but haven’t written any travelogues per se. Travelling to US cities is fairly easy, but exploring the rest of the country almost necessitates having a personal mode of travel of which I am not a huge fan.
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    Hi Priyank, nice blog seriously…Just a small question bro . can i know the camera + the lens which you use ? Im planning for a long trip soon . Just not very sure how to take photos like what you did .

  2. Nice travels here Priyank, Im getting a bit older now but wanted to take a look at the silk road. Ive done a a bit of travels over the years, a lot in India.

    And I’ve worked overseas and taught English.

    Question, whats it like to get visas in these countries like Kazakstann Tajikistan, Uzbekistan?
    Could I just fly in from one country like China to another and get one in the neighbourhood.

    I like doing it this way and travelling spontaneously because it gives one flexibility.

    I was thinking of starting in Chine and working my way west. I’ve been there before. I’d probably start in Xian maybe crossing the border from Myanmar to Kunming then Xian by train. I’m just thinking out aloud here.

    Really liked your layout here, lovely pictures and no self promotional , ego at all. thank you traveller.

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