Toronto Tuesday: 01.04

Volume 1, Edition 4

‘Toronto Tuesday’ is a weekly photo feature about random stuff (landmarks, people, culture, seasons, etc.) in my city.

The Ontario Science Center

Entrance to Ontario Science Center

Why should I go to this place for kids? Those were my thoughts when a friend insisted on going there. Ontario Science Center, located on the edge of the scenic Don valley, is a science museum located about 11km from downtown Toronto.

Physics section

Kids will enjoy this place no doubt, but it has fascinating stuff for everyone. Some exhibits brought back memories from my high school days and I repeated all those experiments with sound and tuning fork that I conducted in the laboratory, maybe 10 years ago.

Biology section

The tropical section – where they have recreated the habitat of a rainforest – is a must visit. That section was the most densely populated – not just by insects and plants, but also by human visitors, especially if you are bitching about the relentless snowfall and windchill.

I also wondered about the center’s energy consumption.

Mechanics section

The center conducts several workshops all through the year and many (if not most) of their activities are managed by volunteers. Current show is called ‘ Sultans of Science: 1000 Years of Knowledge Rediscovered,’ and talks about the achievements during Golden days of the Islamic world.

Artwork in the hallway, or dancing reflectors

The only other science museum I have seen so far is the Nehru Science Center in Mumbai, with almost comparable stuff.