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A tale of two thermometers

Toronto’s extreme temperature swings “I thought Canada was covered in snow all year,” my friend joked when I told him about the sweltering heat in Toronto last month. This area of North America was hit by a blistering heat wave that saw temperatures soaring to 40ºC on July 21, 2011. With high humidity and ultra-violet […]

Toronto Tuesday 02.18: Snow

‘Toronto Tuesday’ is a weekly photo feature about random stuff (landmarks, people, culture, seasons, etc.) in the city.

Detroit: Reporting on a cold snowy day

Detroit Skyline, and icy Detroit river: Viewed from Windsor, Canada on a cold February afternoon I was in the automotive capital Detroit, Michigan, USA last weekend. There was Valentine’s day too, and one might wonder what I was doing in Detroit, a city infamous for intolerance, crime, racial segregation and an overall decay since the […]

Rabbits and Reindeers

From my explore Canada travel series | Read other chapters – See photo gallery Charms of an animal farm in a little town in NorthEastern Ontario I spent few days of the 2009 Christmas holidays at my father-in-law’s place, at his charming house near Timmins, a town about 800km north of Toronto. He keeps reindeer […]