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2015 – A Journey in Photographs

I traveled to some incredibly beautiful places in 2015; I this photo essay I’ll show you some of my favourite travel moments, from Turkey, Costa Rica, and Mexico

A tale of two mosques

A detailed account with stunning pictures from my visit to Istanbul’s two famous mosque – the Blue mosque and the Süleymaniye mosque. Is one of them better than the other? Which one do I recommend? Read on…

How to see Istanbul’s top tourist sights in a day

It’s pretty hard to squeeze everything in a day trip to Istanbul, but that need not stop us from trying. In this post I’ll walk you through the top places to see, followed by a plan to target visiting everything in a day. We will not waste any time entering many museums since this is a day trip (and since you’ll come back anyways).

5 reasons why Turkey is for everyone

In the little time that I spent in there, I felt that Turkey had something to offer to tourists and travellers of all kinds. The country is full of wonderful natural sights and urban chaos, a mix of the religious and the liberals, delicious food and thousands of years of history. There are plenty of tour operators as well as infinite options for do-it-yourself types. Let me show you why Turkey is, indeed, for everyone.

Back on the road: Turkey and India

From Canada to Turkey and onwards to motherland India, I have been anxiously looking forward to this travel expedition. Travelling is the best way to spend money, isn’t it?

Türkiye Merhaba: Too much research spoils the fun?

I work, I save, I travel. As a result, between my trips, I have plenty of time to read about a place and to get to know it from a theoretical perspective. My idea of recreation is to do geeky things like reading history, looking at maps, memorizing train timings and redrawing archeological sketches. No wonder that, as soon as I saw an opportunity to travel to Turkey, I excitedly jumped into a full-fledged research mode.