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Photo Friday 03.08: Caving in Mexico

From cute little stalagmites along the path (I was so tempted to crush them) and gigantic ones about ten times my size, to thin stalactites that hung precariously over my head and mammoth ones that seemed like pillars supporting the mountain above, the caves were full of fascinating calcium carbonate structures

Pray first, fight next: Mexican style

What do you do on a religious day?
In Taxco, after the culmination of a catholic parade, people went straight to watch a wrestling match.

When a half-day is three days long

Originally intended to be a half-day stopover, I was caught unprepared as this little town of Taxco charmed me into staying there for three days. I hiked to the top of the world, ate pozole, rode a scooter on narrow cobblestone streets and even saw a fiesta de San Sebastian among other things.

Horizon beyond the mountains

It was dawn, my favourite time of the day. The sun had just begun rising and I opened my eyes only to find myself looking directly at it. Its soft golden rays, filtering through the tinted windows, had lit up the interiors of the bus which was now making a sharp turn on the winding roads of the northern mountain ranges in Guerrero, Mexico.
“¬°Baja, por favor!”
I hurriedly asked the driver to let me off