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How to see a Russian Ballet at Moscow’s State Kremlin Palace

Watching “The Nutcracker” performed by the Bolshoi ballet in Moscow’s Kremlin was one of the highlights of my trip to Russia. The setting, the music, costumes and the performances were perfect! Storytelling by young men and women with long legs jumping and spinning around the stage on their toes while wearing funky costumes = priceless.

Four sure-fire ways for making best friends while travelling in Russia

Russians are often stereotyped to be a serious, cold and unfriendly bunch. I deployed some tried and tested friend-making-tactics, and the results introduced me to the real warmth and hospitality of the common Russian people.

Flying Men dance

I read about this dance while researching about mesoamerican dances. The flying men dance is very circus-like, but it has a religious and ceremonial connotation from the Maya traditions. I wonder how much of the original dance and ceremony is still preserved, but the spectacle that was created here, with the accompanying music and chanting, did give me goosebumps.

Pray first, fight next: Mexican style

What do you do on a religious day?
In Taxco, after the culmination of a catholic parade, people went straight to watch a wrestling match.