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Advancing the ‘urbanidad’: A new church every week

Spanish conquistadors from the fifteenth-century, and subsequent waves of settlers that came to South America during the the period of Spanish imperial dominance were thorough adheres of the urbanidad (urban-living) doctrine. In this post, I discuss this concept and relate it to the density of colonial churches in Cuenca, Ecuador.

Historic quarter of Cuenca at twilight

I spent a quiet evening here, sitting on different benches under leafy trees that cover the plaza, eating foamy meringue with strawberries, taking pictures and watching life go by. Sometimes, as a traveller, I feel far removed and distant from the reality of people who are, say, leaving from work to go home, or a group of friends huddled together, or kids running behind the balloon man and their mom’s running after them. Back in Toronto, I would be immersed in a generic routine like this, too busy to watch and observe life