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Advancing the ‘urbanidad’: A new church every week

Spanish conquistadors from the fifteenth-century, and subsequent waves of settlers that came to South America during the the period of Spanish imperial dominance were thorough adheres of the urbanidad (urban-living) doctrine. In this post, I discuss this concept and relate it to the density of colonial churches in Cuenca, Ecuador.

Puebla’s Historic Centre

Besides a high density of churches and colonial era buildings, Puebla is also famous for poblano mole and smoked grasshoppers.
Puebla has a old colonial district and a number of buildings there are old and dilapidated. People will give you a funny look if you just stand there waiting to take a picture of a beautiful old window with worn out wooden frames and wrought iron grills.

Pray first, fight next: Mexican style

What do you do on a religious day?
In Taxco, after the culmination of a catholic parade, people went straight to watch a wrestling match.