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Iconic Canadian erection for peace and victory

Located at the centre of Canada’s Parliament buildings at Ottawa, the Peace tower is a tall and proud structure attesting Canadian bravery and contribution to world peace.

Strolling in Le Plateau: Montreal’s hipster district

One of the distinctive features of the buildings in Le Plateau are their external spiraling staircases. A simple feature, but it transforms the character of the streets completely, doesn’t it. When I walk on the sidewalks, it seems as if the large buildings are descending to the ground to greet me!

A foggy night in old Montreal

Exploring Montréal’s charming historic city blocks on a foggy autumn night

Breathtaking display of fall colours at Montreal’s Mount Royal

Mount Royal, the mountain in the middle of Montreal city, looks absolutely stunning during fall.

When Toronto celebrates all night…

Waking up at 3:30 am on a cool Sunday morning, I got my camera ready and pedaled away on my bicycle.

3 reasons why you should visit Canada’s Parliament building at night

The Parliament Hill attracts three million tourists each year, most visitors arriving during the summer months. City tours as well as tours shuffling tourists between Toronto and Montreal often stop in Ottawa for few hours, emptying busloads of camera wielding crowds. The crowds disappear at night, leaving you a much quieter ambiance to enjoy the sights.

Three bike trails that unlock the beauty of the Niagara region

The Niagara peninsula of Canada has a large network of cycling trails that will keep you busy for days. In this post I have described three of my favourite trails which I have biked as part of a day-trips or in multi-day cycling itineraries.

A geeky geographic overview of the Canadian Rockies

A brief overview of the Canadian Rocky mountains and some differences from their US counterparts. Plenty of winter sport options are available in this region which is quite unusual for someone like me living in Toronto. Hopefully some day I can go on a multi-day hiking trail and camp in the wilderness. Skiing I am not so sure… lol

How to cross the international border at Niagara Falls on a bicycle

Most people drive or take a bus to Niagara Falls. However, there’s an alternate and stylish option that I am sortof addicted to: Three bridges across the Canada-USA international border can be crossed on a bicycle, making it easy to create cycling itineraries for day trips, crisscross the niagara region and enjoy beautiful views of the Falls from all directions.