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I blog about my backpacking experiences around the world, many of which are humorous, serendipitous or outright silly or embarrassing. I'll show you some pictures and describe places that you may one day travel to, and if you have already been there, you'll see what other travellers have to say.

Chichén Itzá: Run over by tour groups, yet enjoyable

Due to its proximity to Cancun and Mexico’s party zone, this place attracts a huge amount of tourists. Most tourists visit Chichen Itza get picked up from their resorts, driven to this site by luxury buses and get dropped back in the evening after some souvenir shopping, in a very insular form of tourism.

I think it’s really difficult to NOT like Chichen Itza if you can ignore the crowds esp

Photo Friday 03.03: Detroit downtown

Detroit, the erstwhile automobile capital of USA, had a bustling downtown back in its day. The city is slowly emerging from decay and I hope it regains its charm in the next decade or so.

Hitchhiking disappointments in Yucatan

A kid screams from the window of the first car that zooms past. I stand at that spot for 15 minutes, making a sign at every soul that drives past, determined to catch a ride. A dozen cars and pickup trucks pass but other than some enthusiastic waves, some shrugging, some fishy looks and a mandarin peel, I get nothing.

Other than sunglasses and a backpack, there is nothing quite touristy about my attire and while I have some golden coloured hair, I certainly don’t have a white-guy look at all. I quickly put my shades away, put the backpack on the ground and resume the wait with a bright smile and sparkle in my eyes (the sun is strong).

Slithering in the Rain: Uxmal’s Maya ruins

There is nothing more disappointing to an independent traveller than arriving at a popular tourist site and finding it filled with busloads of tour groups. I like to have the vastness and emptiness of archeological ruins all to myself and don’t mind sharing it with a select few who, just like me, have worked hard to get there first thing in the morning.

Photo Friday 03.02: Moskva river and the Kremlin

Bolshoy Kamenny Bridge on river Moskva and Kremlin at the back. You can see some Administrative and Religious buildings such as Great Kremlin Presidential Palace, Annunciation Cathedral, etc.

Moscow looks beautiful at night and walking in the area around the Kremlin will yield to several photo opportunities.

Türkiye Merhaba: Too much research spoils the fun?

I work, I save, I travel. As a result, between my trips, I have plenty of time to read about a place and to get to know it from a theoretical perspective. My idea of recreation is to do geeky things like reading history, looking at maps, memorizing train timings and redrawing archeological sketches. No wonder that, as soon as I saw an opportunity to travel to Turkey, I excitedly jumped into a full-fledged research mode.

Photo Friday 03.01: Machu Picchu

Site of Machu Picchu, viewed from Huayna Picchu, can be seen shaped like a condor. Huayna Picchu is

La Mariscal: The place where gringos hang out

After walking out of Quito’s old city and walking few blocks, I entered the trapezoidal El Ejido park. Narrow polluted streets of the old city transformed into wider avenues with this park located in between, allowing people to catch a breath of fresh air. There are handicraft and trinket sellers (and beggars) in the park who surprised me by speaking English.

If the beggars speak English, it must be the tourist central of Quito!

Year 2011 in review

This year I travelled to two new countries: Mexico and Ecuador. Besides that, I got a full time job, a house and things like that.

Taking time off for travelling will certainly become increasingly difficult, but I will make it happen anyway since travelling is the best way to spend money, don’t you agree?