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Photo opportunities are plentiful in Ghana, particularly street photography. The coastline is extensive for viewing both sunrises and sunsets, and the interior parts have thick forests. It desertifies as you go further North.

Ghana in Pictures

↑ Saw some spectacular cultural shows

Ghana is the first country I visited in West Africa. I arrived in Accra the capital city, then headed to Kumasi in the interior, south west to Takoradi and Cape Coast, and then to the forested Volta region to the east.

Watching sunrises and sunsets on the Atlantic coast were a daily norm, at least for the days I was on the coast. Due to dust and pollution I was never really able to see the sun on the horizon, it was pretty much smoky like that all the time. Mornings were still crisp and evenings with colourful skies.

↑ Sunrise from Jamestown, Accra

I partly didn’t know what to expect besides the stereotypes of Africa. The cities are buzzing, people wear colourful clothes with nice patterns, and the food – omg, so good!

Tro-tros are the easiest ways to get around. These are minibuses packed with people that leave with full. Cheap, easy, and definitely an experience.

I picked up a few words in Twi (Accra, Kumasi and Cape Coast areas) and Eve (Volta, Togo, and Benin) which was very handy. People warm up very easily when a “yevo” says “medasi” 🙂

If you have a chance, definitely look at Ghana, it’ll be worth your visit.

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