Uzbekistan: Nighttime Photography

Uzbekistan is probably the easiest country to travel in central Asia, and has a concentrated corridor of some of the biggest relics from the Silk Road era. Travelling in this country is fun – lots of delicious foods, very friendly people, and comfortable options to get around. Below are some of my favourite pictures from Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan Travel Photos – Monuments at Night

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The historic quarters of Bukhara, Samarkand, and Khiva are full of architectural beauty. Many of these monuments are lit in the evenings and sometimes through the night, offering a great opportunity to take night time photos. The detail and the splendor of these buildings really come out in the subtlety of long exposure and dim lighting, doesn’t it.

I love taking pictures at night and the opportunities to do nighttime photos are not always present when you travel. Uzbekistan, however, was very safe (there are too many police everywhere), so while they might be puzzled why you are walking around with camera gear at 2am in the night, it’s not very difficult to capture the beauty of these gorgeous monuments.

You are here: Photo Gallery » Uzbekistan

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