Bhutan Highlights

Bhutan is probably a photographer’s paradise. Between all the colourful monasteries, traditional architecture, little villages, markets, and the majestic eastern Himalayas, the number of photo opportunities and travel experiences are incredible.

Bhutan Travel Photos – Top 25

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Bhutan is a very colourful country. Buddhist architecture, monasteries and cities spread around high ranges of the eastern Himalayas provide for lots of photo opportunities. These are some of my favourite photos.

Author: Priyank

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4 responses to “Bhutan Highlights”

  1. Mahendra Kumar Arya says:

    nice photo mamoo! which camera
    jahan bhee ho kafee gahare mein ho. magar aur thoda gahara gota lagao.

  2. Mahendra Kumar Arya says:

    mamoo ! andar dhoondo ! bahar nahin milega

  3. Magie says:

    Thank you for sharing your adventure. I leave for Bhutan in a few weeks. So excited.

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