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I travelled through the Tajikistan side of the Wakhan valley that is split between Afghanistan and Tajikistan, indeed it’s an incredibly beautiful region, with a sad history of division.

The Wakhan Corridor in Pictures

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↑ Bactrian double hump camels strolling along the Afghan side

On my trip to Central Asia last year, I travelled through the Wakhan corridor, a valley created by the Pamir and Pyanj rivers that separates the Pamir mountain range to the north from the Hindu Kush and Karakorum ranges to the south. This valley marks the border between Tajikistan and Afghanistan. It was very bizarre and sad to see communities across the river that had existed for centuries that had suddenly been divided between the Russian and British sides in the late 19th century, in what’s popularly known as the Great Game between the two imperial powers.

This corridor has been used by travellers and nomads for centuries, if not, millennia, and formed one of the main arteries of the Silk Route and the Spice Route that branched off to India. It was through this corridor (and many others around it) that Buddhism and Indian culture spread to Central Asia during the Silk Road era. Subsequently numerous Islamic conquests of India were also launched from the same theatre, in fact the name of the Hindu Kush mountain range is believed to mean “Killer of Hindus”.

Hopefully I get to visit Afghanistan in the next few years.

You are here: Photo Gallery » af Afghanistan
Check out my Silk Road in Central Asia travelogue

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