Photo Friday 02.14: Niagara on the lake

Parking signs

‘Photo Friday’ is a weekly series showcasing pictures from around the world.

Niagara on the lake, a little town on the southern shores of Lake Ontario, close to Niagara Falls, is very colourful. Besides the fact that it’s fall (I visited this place earlier this year) and nature is at its colorful best, it’s the variety of stores and brightly painted storefronts that are making the town cheerful. I see a little girl, a toddler really, picking up a red maple leaf from the ground and showing it to her mommy. The mother, while expressing her admiration, is lifting the baby in her arms and wiping her hands clean. The child is wanting the leaf back, but it’s already gone, flying in the wind to, perhaps, another child’s attention.

Well, it did catch my attention… LOL