Pictures that will make you travel to Costa Rica right now

After you are done seeing these beautiful pictures, checkout about my recommended places to see in Costa Rica.

↑ Tamarindo – Surfers’ paradise

↑ Playa Langosta, few kms from Tamarindo

↑ Surfers of all skill levels, from beginners to pros, take over the beach

↑ Spectacular sunset on the Pacific

↑ Tamarindo beach at sunrise

↑ Puerto Vargas, Parque National Cahuita, on Costa Rica’s east coast

↑ Playa Negra beach, Cahuita

↑ Glasswinged butterfly (Greta oro / mariposa de cristal), Monteverde

↑ Monteverde cloud forest is full of fascinating bugs

↑ A floating water fern (Salvinia) in Parismina

↑ Hanging out on the emerald blue water of the Atlantic ocean

↑ Watch where you step!

↑ Sea Urchin shells, beautiful and delicate.

↑ That bird is watching you!