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Niagara’s Man Made Wonder – Welland Canal

On the way to Niagara Falls from Toronto is the [tag]Welland Canal[/tag]. It is a man made construction that connects [tag]Lake Ontario[/tag] and [tag]Lake Erie[/tag]. Lake Erie is about 100 meters above lake Ontario and guess what this canal does…. it lifts the ships up! awesome, isn’t it? Canadian Encyclopedia describes it as follows: The […]

Trip to the Holy Land

Last few days I’ve been excited all the time. Ask me why. Ok I’ll tell anyway. Thats because this time next month I’m going on a trip to Israel sponsored by my b-school. I’m a part of an elite team ‘chosen’ by the school. We are supposed to go to Tel Aviv, whip our magic […]

Cooking at high altitudes

A long walk Picture taken: May 2005, about 10,000ft in Garhwal Himalayas. Here is the travelogue of my trip. One of the interesting things about high altitude camping is the unique taste of the food. Above the tree line, water becomes more-or-less tasteless. Since Indian cooking involves generous use of water (from stewing vegetables to […]

Toronto Islands – I

[tag]Toronto[/tag] city is situated on the bank of Lake Ontario. To the south of the city is a chain of small islands, called [tag]Toronto Islands[/tag]. The islands are a popular tourist destination. Barely two kilometers away from noisy and crowded downtown, this place is ideal for a quick escape and some solitude. Tourist cruise ship […]

Niagara Falls

Sequel to my previous post: [tag]Niagara falls[/tag]: evening Some more pictures: [tag]Queen Victoria Park[/tag] at Niagara Falls is called the ‘heart’ of Niagara parks. During peak seasons, it has thousands of daffodils, rock garden and some beautiful trails. A tree in Queen Victoria Park [tag]Rainbow Bridge[/tag] across the Niagara river connects US and Canada. The […]

African Safari

I went with some friends to the African lion safari, some 100 km south-west of Toronto. It was a nice place to go, especially if you have kids and they haven’t seen animals. All the wildlife is out in the open, while the visitors are en-caged in their cars or the Safari buses. Since we […]

Shringi Vatika and Neighborhoods

Mridula’s posts about Shringi Vatika and the journey towards it refreshed my memories about visiting that place back in April 2006. It was a bicycle expedition to Jalori pass from Kullu in Himachal Hradesh. Wikipedia stub on Shringi Rishi: Shringi Rishi was the legendary Indian Hindu saint or Rishi of sage Kashyapa ‘s lineage.Shringi Rishi […]