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Toronto Tuesday 03.14: Fergus

We visited Fergus in August, when it was hosting the widely popular Sottish Festival and Highland Games. The games are claimed to be the largest conglomeration of clans and contests are held for music and dancing, in addition to typically Scottish events such as the Caber toss

Hiking in Baños

Hitch hiking two rides from Latacunga, I ended up in the little tourist town of Baños in the central Andes. The town is located at the base of the active Tungurahua volcano, which has been pretty active lately with the last eruption reported in April 2011.

Originating from Quichua tunguri (throat), rahua (fire) “Throat of Fire”, I wasn’t able to see the volcano for two days due to a thick cloud and fog cover. The third day, after I hiked to the top of mountain and above the cloud layer and the volcano Tungurahua rewarded me by revealing herself, albeit for a brief moment. Thank you Mama Tungurahua!

Iron Bridge

Located on the bank of Lake Huron’s north channel, the little community of Iron Bridge is part of the Huron Shores township. Iron Bridge is small place and the entire village can be traversed on foot in about 15 minutes.

Photo Friday 02.11: Peace wall

On one end of the pedestrian-only Arbat street, arguably one of the oldest surviving street in Moscow is a colourful wall built on the theme of international friendship. School children were asked to paint each tile of the wall back in the Soviet times, now the wall is covered in graffiti (and chewing gum)

Toronto Tuesday 03.13: Elora

Elora is a picturesque township approx 120km west of Toronto in the Wellington County, and a quaint village to spend an afternoon away from the city. Elora is known for its limestone architecture (similar to Guelph), a large left leaning and socially liberal artistic community and its spectacular location at the confluence of two rivers that form a gorge.

Certainly a place I would like to visit again.

When the bus breaks down

I packed before going to bed last night so that I could wake up early and leave without disturbing other people in my dorm. I hate to be the guy who wakes everyone up at 5am in the morning. Merida was beautiful at dawn, a bit foggy, with birds flying around and women sweeping the streets and raising a cloud of dust. I hurriedly made my way to the bus station.

Photo Friday 02.10: Tel Aviv waterfront

Tel Aviv is the party capital of Israel. I spent my last two days in the old city of Jaffa, at the southern end of central Tel Aviv. The beach on the Mediterranean sea is fantastic and a great place to unwind. Don’t worry about the occasional military planes, I stopped noticing them after a couple of days. Just take some pictures, checkout the random groups playing music and stroll on the waterfront

Voy a Ecuador!

I arrived in Quito, the capital of Ecuador today. Since I diligently followed the first two phases of my work-save-travel model for the past few months, I was so looking forward for this vacation.

September 11

Throughout history, there have been innumerable incidents of humans-killing-humans in an inhuman fashion, and there have been numerous other terrorist attacks since I was born. I vividly remember three of those.

March 1993 Bombay bombings

September 11, 2001 “9-11″ WTC attacks

November 26, 2008 “26-11″ Mumbai attacks