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Building a traveller-friendly SimCity

If you could build a city in a video-game setting, how would you do it? In this post I share some of my strategies for building a Sim City that tourists and visitors would immensely enjoy.

Have you been to America’s oldest street?

A quick google search will reveal a number of contenders claiming to be the oldest street in USA built by Europeans. Philadelphia’s Elfreth’s Alley probably trumps all claims.

Four sure-fire ways for making best friends while travelling in Russia

Russians are often stereotyped to be a serious, cold and unfriendly bunch. I deployed some tried and tested friend-making-tactics, and the results introduced me to the real warmth and hospitality of the common Russian people.

Three bike trails that unlock the beauty of the Niagara region

The Niagara peninsula of Canada has a large network of cycling trails that will keep you busy for days. In this post I have described three of my favourite trails which I have biked as part of a day-trips or in multi-day cycling itineraries.

Boston Freedom Trail: 5 must-see sights for international travellers

Walking on Boston’s Freedom trail is an excellent outdoor activity to do as a tourist, but I was never able to relate to the buildings, churches and graveyards that the freedom trail takes you to. The buildings are not architectural wonders; what makes them worthwhile is their historic significance and the stories they tell. Good for someone who is familiar with US history but for the rest of the world, these are just buildings that simply don’t evoke the same (nationalistic) feelings.

Still, there are places on the freedom trail that can be interesting for international tourists.

A geeky geographic overview of the Canadian Rockies

A brief overview of the Canadian Rocky mountains and some differences from their US counterparts. Plenty of winter sport options are available in this region which is quite unusual for someone like me living in Toronto. Hopefully some day I can go on a multi-day hiking trail and camp in the wilderness. Skiing I am not so sure… lol

3 facts about Chicago’s Cloud Gate (that surprised and impressed me)

Chicago’s Cloud Gate is considered to be one of the top works of art around the world. The sculpture is beautiful giant bean-shaped object, with 168 highly polished stainless steel plates welded together seamlessly, creates an illusion of a drop of mercury. I absolutely loved this piece of art, it’s as good as a destination by itself!

While researching about the Bean, I stumbled upon few interesting facts..

How to cross the international border at Niagara Falls on a bicycle

Most people drive or take a bus to Niagara Falls. However, there’s an alternate and stylish option that I am sortof addicted to: Three bridges across the Canada-USA international border can be crossed on a bicycle, making it easy to create cycling itineraries for day trips, crisscross the niagara region and enjoy beautiful views of the Falls from all directions.

The curious case of collapsing volcanic craters

Hiking to Quilotoa’s spectacular emerald green volcanic caldera lake