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Breathtaking display of fall colours at Montreal’s Mount Royal

Mount Royal, the mountain in the middle of Montreal city, looks absolutely stunning during fall.

Sell a cow, buy some sheep, but don’t get depressed

By 7 am an army of tourists descended into the animal market, armed with video and photo cameras. By then, I had seen enough action and started making my way out…

Four sure-fire ways for making best friends while travelling in Russia

Russians are often stereotyped to be a serious, cold and unfriendly bunch. I deployed some tried and tested friend-making-tactics, and the results introduced me to the real warmth and hospitality of the common Russian people.

A geeky geographic overview of the Canadian Rockies

A brief overview of the Canadian Rocky mountains and some differences from their US counterparts. Plenty of winter sport options are available in this region which is quite unusual for someone like me living in Toronto. Hopefully some day I can go on a multi-day hiking trail and camp in the wilderness. Skiing I am not so sure… lol

How to cross the international border at Niagara Falls on a bicycle

Most people drive or take a bus to Niagara Falls. However, there’s an alternate and stylish option that I am sortof addicted to: Three bridges across the Canada-USA international border can be crossed on a bicycle, making it easy to create cycling itineraries for day trips, crisscross the niagara region and enjoy beautiful views of the Falls from all directions.

The curious case of collapsing volcanic craters

Hiking to Quilotoa’s spectacular emerald green volcanic caldera lake

Advancing the ‘urbanidad’: A new church every week

Spanish conquistadors from the fifteenth-century, and subsequent waves of settlers that came to South America during the the period of Spanish imperial dominance were thorough adheres of the urbanidad (urban-living) doctrine. In this post, I discuss this concept and relate it to the density of colonial churches in Cuenca, Ecuador.