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Discovering Eastern Ontario: Cycling from Ottawa to Toronto

Cycling from Ottawa to Toronto? Let’s do it!

Three bike trails that unlock the beauty of the Niagara region

The Niagara peninsula of Canada has a large network of cycling trails that will keep you busy for days. In this post I have described three of my favourite trails which I have biked as part of a day-trips or in multi-day cycling itineraries.

How to cross the international border at Niagara Falls on a bicycle

Most people drive or take a bus to Niagara Falls. However, there’s an alternate and stylish option that I am sortof addicted to: Three bridges across the Canada-USA international border can be crossed on a bicycle, making it easy to create cycling itineraries for day trips, crisscross the niagara region and enjoy beautiful views of the Falls from all directions.

Cycling in Montréal

From my explore Canada travel series | Read other chapters – See photo gallery Interesting bike streets in Montréal I was in Montréal, Quebec a fortnight back and I found the city’s cycling infrastructure quite interesting. While four days are grossly insufficient to gauge the cycling culture of a city, it was quite evident that […]