Photo Friday 03.14: Snowmobile highways

Photo Friday‘ is a weekly series showcasing pictures from around the world.

↑ Distance markers on the snow mobile highways. The signs are miniature versions of those seen on regular roads.

Until few years ago, I had no clue that one could traverse through major cities in Northern Ontario (and all over Canada, in general) during peak winter thanks to a comprehensive network of snow mobile trails. Ontario alone has about 39,000 km of snow mobile highways! I drove briefly on one of these trails when I went to Timmins couple of winters back.

↑ Suspension bridge. I love the geometry and crisp angles of steel suspension cords that make this bridge.

This Snowmobile bridge, located at French River, northern Ontario, is the largest in the world. The snowmobile highway network is extensive in the north and there is a whole different set of signage on these highways for use exclusively during the snowy winters.