Voy a Ecuador!

Lots of hiking in the Andes

La Tricolor: Ecuador’s flag. Yellow stands for sun and gold of the ancestors, Blue for ocean and clear skies, and Red for the blood of heroes who brought freedom.

I arrived in Quito, the capital of Ecuador today. Since I diligently followed the first two phases of my work-save-travel model for the past few months, I was so looking forward for this vacation.

Quito looked beautiful from the sky. The streets are laid out in a fuzzy pattern due to the terrain, so the streets illuminated by neon lights looked like a bunch of inter-winding strings. The airport is located in the heart of New Quito and the streets here are more perpendicular than the old town. Before I knew, I had landed, breezed through the customs (Indian passport is so exotic!) and met my friend. My bags hadn’t arrived, haha.

Ecuador, meaning ‘equator’ in Spanish, straddles the equator and is bordered by Colombia to the north, Peru to the east and south, and the Pacific Ocean to the west. This would by my second country in South America, second country in the southern hemisphere and 10th country overall. I have also manage to achieve a respectable level in conversational Spanish, so backpacking would be much easier and fun.

I intend on spending a week in the northern Andes hiking around the Otavalo and Ibarra region, a week of hiking in the Quilotoa loop and split rest of the vacation between Quito and Guayaquil at the beginning and the end of my journey respectively.

I am quite excited to see the mountains and hike around. I miss the lofty ranges. There would be some couchsurfing, staying with friends, sleeping at backpacker hostels and relaxing at tranquil haciendas, besides eating ‘exotic’ food and animals.

If you are in Ecuador around this time, give me a shout!