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Travelogue from my brief visit to Poland, to the capital city of Warsaw and the renaissance old town of Poznań, both of which have been rebuilt after the war. Armed with a few words in Polish, I met some incredibly friendly Poles, got to taste some delicious food in old Soviet-era milk bars, and biked through various neighbourhoods of Warsaw. It was a lot of fun!

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Last summer I visited Poland for a few days en route from London to India (it was a complicated flight itinerary). Mostly I spent time in the capital city of Warsaw, but also checked out the old renaissance town of Poznań on a day trip. In all this time, I met nothing but friendly people, ate delicious and ‘real’ Polish food from little canteens and walked extensively through various neighbourhoods. It was an incredibly fun trip, maybe because I went not planning or knowing much of what to expect.


I spent three days in Warsaw which I think is just the right amount of time you need to check out bulk of the city and its tourist districts. I would recommend staying either in central warsaw, old city, or in the Praga neighbourhood. Each of those areas offers something very specific and characteristic locally, while being convenient points to move around a see other places in the city.

We also rented bikes which allowed us to venture a bit further and visit some interesting places further from downtown, such as war memorials, parks, the Jewish cemetery, etc.


I spent a day in Poznan which I think was sufficient time to explore the old city. The downtown area of Poznan was heavily bombarded and mostly destroyed during the WW2 German invasion. Since then it has been well restored and now transformed into a tourist spot. As a result, there is no dearth of cafes, bars, boutiques, travel agencies, and restaurants serving all kinds of foods. It was a sunny day, and quite enjoyable to hang out on the patio.


Eating in Poland was surprisingly easy and fun. There are old Soviet-style cafeterias serving cheap and efficient food, contemporary restaurants with more fusion type cuisine, and tons of street food options as well. Never away from a beer and a kielbasa sausage.

Poland Photo Gallery

I have a full photo album with descriptions of various places in the Photo Album

You are here: Travel Stories » Poland
Check out my Poland Photo Gallery

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  1. Mia says:

    Great photos 🙂 Warsaw is one of my favorite European destinations, it is so unique and modern! I love going there and exploring as much as possible with every trip. Last time my friend has organized me a food tour, and it was amazing. We went to few of his favorite restaurant and bars, and had so much fun. One spot that I enjoyed the most was a bar called Bubbles. We had not only a delicious dinner with delicious seafood, but also some nice drinks. I would love to go back one day:)

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