Turkey travelogue

Travel stories from Turkey

Part 1: General

Türkiye Merhaba: Too much research spoils the fun?
5 reasons why Turkey is for everyone
A simple guide to getting a travel visa for Turkey
How I became famous in a tea-house by playing Tavla
Long wait times for buses
Turkish airline
The day I almost died
In Turkey you are never far from street food
Food post
How to eat a baklava the proper way
When your travel plans get hitched by overprotective locals

Part 2: Istanbul

How to see Istanbul’s top tourist sights in a day
Chapter 3: Wandering in Galata
A tale of two mosques
Funky ways to commute in Istanbul
Europe to Asia, Asia to Europe, for a dollar
Tourist transportation guide to Istanbul

Part 3: Cappadocia

Questionable sustainability of Goreme’s tourism
Escaping wolves while hiking in Cappadocia
Open air cave museum and anime superpower
Day tripping in Konya
How to see Mevlana Rumi’s tomb in Konya

Part 4: Aegean Turkey: Ephesus, Pamukkale, Izmir

A whitewashed mountain of Calcium
A spa-resort from the Roman era
Exploring the ruins of Ephesus
Mobilizing the Turkish army to find a bicycle
Investigating Selchuk’s storks and aqueducts on a bicycle
Shirinje’s cobblestone streets and tourist traps
Walking tour of Izmir

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