Toronto Tuesday 03.05: Port Credit, revisited

I spent the “doomsday” hanging out in Port Credit.

This post is part of the weekly Toronto Tuesday series (which is resuming after a gap of 5 months).

↑ Street sign

I have blogged about Port credit before. It’s a little tourist zone that is a pleasant one hour bike ride away from my place. Very convenient getaway from the city, especially on a warm and sunny day when cool breeze from the lake makes riding along the waterfront really enjoyable.

↑ A little detour to Long branch streetcar station. Toronto’s tram line ends here.

I have been to Port credit atleast 4 times now, the most recent being on May 21, 2011, better known as the Rapture Day (read my ‘Doomsday diary‘ to see what happened around me on that day). I figured what would be better way of spending the last day on earth doing things I love, with the person I love at a place I love to go.

↑ Beautiful, but ultimately these are weeds

Port Credit’s tourist area is not too big, and you could walk the length and breadth of it in less than 30 minutes. However, I think the Port Credit Business Improvement Association has done a fantastic job of not only promoting the place but also keeping it well – flowers bloomed, buskers performed and people hung out on patios.

↑ Tulips. To get overwhelmed by pictures of Ottawa’s Tulip festival, head over to my friend Zhu’s blog

So at the end of the day, I didn’t get raptured, but I did have a great time cycling, eating and hanging out.

Canada Geese, standing in a disciplined line