Toronto Tuesday 01.16

Volume 1, Edition 16

Toronto Tuesday‘ is a weekly photo feature about random stuff (landmarks, people, culture, seasons, etc.) in the city.

Earlier today I was hanging out at the Toronto ferry docks and the city’s small airport was nearby. It’s actually on an island few hundred meters from the coast. Smaller commercial flights and private planes operate from here.

Here are few pictures of airplanes. Unfortunately my camera only has 3x zoom. 🙂

That’s a Porter Airlines plane. It was gliding so slowly that I thought it was stationary.

Maroon-White airways. Oh sorry there is nothing like that.

Nice plane. I’d like to fly some day. Fly a plane not fly in a plane (I’ve done that)

This plane had no clue what to do. The place was very windy.

I think for such small planes they should allow landing in the direction of wind.

Oh wait, that’s not a plane, its a seagull!

Bro #1

Bro #2, coming right after, maybe they are twins or lovers or some planes were on sale.

Porter again!

I will be back to this place, when I have some money to buy a camera with a nice telephoto lens. Until then I will read your comments. These two are not related, but whatever. 🙂