Toronto Tuesday: 01.12

Volume 1, Edition 12

Toronto Tuesday‘ is a weekly photo feature about random stuff (landmarks, people, culture, seasons, etc.) in the city.

Spring Flowers!

I made a quick half-day trip to Niagara Falls, USA on Sunday. And what did I see? Dandelions!

Green grass! Yellow flowers! Yay, spring!

Dandelions are indicators of the arrival of spring – in most parts of the world. The grass along sidewalks gets covered with this flowering weed during early spring. After pollination and flowering is finished, the flowers dry. This stage of the flower’s death is also the beginning of new life (I’ll have pictures in some weeks). No wonder, many religions see death as the beginning of life.

The flower is called कनफुल (Kanphool) in Marathi and कुकरौंधा (Kukaraundha) in Hindi. It is used in Ayurveda (traditional Indian herbal medicine) as a detoxifier. When I was trekking in Himalayas in 2006, I was starting to show signs of high altitude sickness – I ate very little and I hadn’t visited the loo for 3 days now! A villager gave me some tea brewed from stem and roots of Dandelion. Since everything tasted awful at that time anyway, I didn’t complain. Soon, I was back in action. 🙂

Dandelion, smile!

The grass is greener on the other side. 😉 I saw a couple of random flowers in Toronto, but the city is definitely few days away from a full bloom. Niagara Falls on the other hand was already covered in a carpet of green and yellow. I was so happy to see that. 🙂