Toronto Tuesday 03.12: Streetcar and bike post

The city’s favourite transportation options

This post is part of the weekly Toronto Tuesday series

One of the crucial advantages of living in downtown Toronto is the fact that you are always around streetcars (trams) and bicycles. As you may know, I don’t have a car and therefore I am solely dependent either on public transit or on my bicycle. And I love them both dearly.

While our current mayor hates both, bicycles and streetcars, it is safe to assume that no transportation policy of Toronto is complete without the inclusion of mass transit and pollution-free transit options such as these. Plus, having old-style trams kinda gives a sexier look to the city, admit it!

In the picture, you can see a classic (rusted) ring and post bike stand next to its artistic incarnation. You can checkout some more of Toronto’s bike stand designs in my older Toronto Tuesday post.

PS: Lately I have been extremely irregular in updating my blog. Most of it has to do with my inability to juggle various priorities. I am not confident that I’ll get better but I do promise to try. If you have a blog, you know what I am talking about. 🙂