The Commercial Spectacle At Niagara Falls

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Restaurants, bars, casinos, entertainment, attractions and a whole bunch of touristy things

↑ Maid of the mist, checking out the falls from up close

Being so close to Toronto, I have been to Niagara falls about half a dozen times, including thrice on my bicycle. It’s a great sight, especially from the Canadian side. The walk upstream the Niagara river starting from the Rainbow bridge (which is a bridge to USA) to the Horseshoe falls (also known as Canadian falls) is about 1.5km long and quite popular. All along the promenade, you can see the American and Canadian falls and also get sprayed with mist from the great falls.

The layout of this area is quite interesting. On the eastern bank of Niagara river is USA, American falls, and just a random building or two. On the western (Canadian) side of the bank is the busy walking trail hugging a densely packed, loud and bright commercial zone.

↑ Loud, noisy and bright entertainment zone

A large number of restaurants flourish in this area, serving all kinds of international foods. Entertainment parks with attractions such as ferris wheel, roller coasters, magic shows, amusement themed stores etc. coexisting with a battery of dessert and icecream places. Niagara is also a popular gambling destination and I thought that it was a good opportunity to spend 50 bucks on blackjack and slots. Guess, I was a little lucky and brought home a couple of hundred dollars. Besides that, there are a number of party halls, bars and clubs spilling with people on a summer weekend. Overall it seems like there are lots of fun things to do, if you are into that kind of thing.

↑ Inside a casino

But since (as you guessed) I am not the noisy tourist, I prefer to hang out on the bike trails in the niagara region, and confine to relatively secluded places to sleep. This place is very close from the US border and many people cross the bridge to this Vegas-like paradise. The food in most of the restaurants in the commercial zone (I have eaten at many places) is mediocre, even by liberal standards, and I am definitely not an all-night party person. However I did generally tend to make some money in gambling.

Just be prepared for this, is all I’m saying. 🙂

From my explore Canada travel series | Read other chapters – See photo gallery