Tam Tam jam

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↑ The square below George-Étienne Cartier’s “angel” monument, eastern side of Mount Royal

I went to Montréal in April last year and it was a surprisingly warm weekend. I walked to Mont Royal to check out this event called “tam tams” I had heard so much about. I was quite surprised to see a sizable crowd gathered there, along with a see a large number of percussionists. There were lot of basic African-esque drums and western instruments.

The mix of people was very interesting and quite random! From toddlers to grandmas, mixed genders, races and orientations, long hair, short hair, curly hair, unwashed locks, fully dressed or half naked, drinking wine or beer or whatever, and smoking cigarettes, cigars or marijuana. It was all there and I was amazed.

↑ Music and dance
↑ Juggling and playing some kind of weird but very popular game
↑ Soldiers fighting!

I learned that Tamtams, or simply “tams” as they are sometimes called by Montrealers, began in 1978 and have become a top social event of the city over the years. What started as a gathering of drum banging hippies soon turned into a thing to do on a Sunday. Be there or be square!

↑ Chilling on the grass, basking in the sun

As soon as the weather becomes nicer around May, thousands of people come out to the foot of Mont Royal to just hang out, relax, play music and dance. It’s the biggest informal party I have ever been to and it happens every Sunday!

↑ have a picnic, simulate a battle scene, play ball or frisbee or just sunbathe and do nothing

So, if you are free spirited, grab some sunscreen and maybe a tam tam if you have one and head over to Mont Royal!

Directons: Bus 80 bus from Place-des-Arts metro station north or Metro Mont-Royal, bus 11East on Rachel (or walk). Get off when you see a large group of people (hard to miss).

I swear I got high just inhaling the air. 😉

From my explore Canada travel series | Read other chapters – See photo gallery