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The lure of small towns

Valladolid took me by surprise. A really simple town with nothing much to do but it had a certain vibe that kept you there. I got off the bus and while it the terminal was in the middle of the town, there were hardly any people lurking around. Get out of the bus terminal, walk across the street and buy a glass of sugarcane juice while asking the guy for recommendations for places to stay and go and find the place. Then head over to the mercado central, buy a couple of bananas, eat the greasiest tacos ever and finish off the evening with a leisurely stroll in the park until its dark and the church bells ring.

Ek Balam: Hindu Gods in Maya territory?

In addition to the fact that the Acropolis is a structure with 108 steps (108 is a spiritually significant number for eastern religions) and a temple at the top, the surfaces of the acropolis has a number of rooms with stucco statues that look like winged gods. There are some more statues showing divine figures standing or sitting in mudras that are commonly seen in Hindu/Buddhist temples

…and then I saw Yucatan

From the central highlands of Mexico, I reached Yucatan and checked out some cities and ruins between Merida and Cancun.

Chichen Itza and Valladolid were my biggest surprises. The former is one of the new Seven Wonders of the World, which I thought was just okay and the later is a small town with nothing particularly exciting, yet I felt drawn to it