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The curious case of collapsing volcanic craters

Hiking to Quilotoa’s spectacular emerald green volcanic caldera lake

Hiking through Andean hills

One can never get tired of seeing soaring snowcapped peaks at the horizon under deep blue sky with wisps of white clouds and noisy streams of water flowing through a lush green mountain valley next to the hiking trail. That pretty much summarises the scenic four to six hour trek between the villages Isinlivi and Chugchilan.

Hiking to Mt. Fuya Fuya

Laguna Mojanda looked fabulous from here and its colour changed depending on the amount of cloud cover and direct sunlight. At one point, it appeared light turquoise, blending with the surrounding topography, while at other times it changed into a shiny blue, standing out distinctly. Wild grass and short plants bearing little bright flowers grew at strategic places on the trail, offering support while hiking on slippery surfaces while wearing inappropriate shoes.

Hitchchiking to laguna Cuicocha, the guinea pig lake

After I was sufficiently cold, wet and had hurled enough curses at Indra the god of rain, it stopped raining. (Try saying, “Stop messing around with the ladies, don’t you have anything else to do?”) And a car appeared, giving me a sympathetic look. Thus, the conditions of making me miserable had been satisfied and I got a ride back to the town of Cotacachi by late afternoon

Photo Friday 02.07: Travel to the Andes

When I was traveling in Peru, I went on a 3 day trek in the Colca canyon with a group of 4 travellers. While we were crossing a bridge at the floor of the canyon, someone was shooting a commercial for promoting this region of the Andes mountain ranges. They were delighted to see few foreigners (somehow I was called a gringo too) and insisted that we participate in their video

Andean Explorations – 8: Trekking in Colca Canyon

This post is part of my Peru travel series: Travel stories | Photo gallery “[…] Colca Canyon is more than twice as deep as the Grand Canyon in the United States. Over a span of 100km, it averages 3.4km vertical depth. However, the canyon’s walls are not as vertical as those of the Grand Canyon. […]

Cooking at high altitudes

A long walk Picture taken: May 2005, about 10,000ft in Garhwal Himalayas. Here is the travelogue of my trip. One of the interesting things about high altitude camping is the unique taste of the food. Above the tree line, water becomes more-or-less tasteless. Since Indian cooking involves generous use of water (from stewing vegetables to […]