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Discover Toronto on a Train Ride from the Airport

Visiting Toronto for the first time? Take this train from the airport to get yourself oriented to the city!

Photo Friday 03.11: Samovar

It seems that in Russian train there are these industrial water heating units called Samovar (Самовар / समोवर) in each compartment. As soon as my train departed Moscow, everyone, young and old, grabbed their mugs and lined up at the samovar for some hot water. It was very interesting to watch this!

A tourist guide to public transport in Quito

Since I am completely committed to sustainable modes of public transit as opposed to taxis or cars, I was delighted to find that most, if not all, principal sights of tourist importance in Quito can be accessed by public transport. For a mere $0.25, one can navigate a vast network of efficient public transit system to get to different parts of Quito. It might seem slow, crowded and chaotic, but what’s the point of travelling if one doesn’t mingle with the common man and experience all that?

Rapid transit, above and below surface

Some stories, funny incidents and a tour of Mexico city’s two rapid transit systems. The underground metro and the above-ground metrobus.

My first ride in the Moscow Metro

I rode the Moscow metro on my first day in Moscow and my initial impression was a mixture of nervousness and excitement. Join me as I negotiate claustrophobic tunnels, smile at expressionless babushkas, go down lengthy escalators and duck the policemen…

Metro stations or museums?

One could easily spend an entire day stopping at major stations and marveling at the beautiful architecture, sculptures, paintings and other art installations

St. Petersburg Metro

This post is part of a series of travelogues narrating my trip to Russia. Here are the other posts and pictures!

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Photo Friday 01.17: Kazansky Vokzal

This post is part of my Russia travel series: Travel stories | Photo gallery Kazansky Train Terminus, Moscow, Russia Russia has a significant rail network that is affordable and convenient to use – and people actually use it. Diesel engines I took a 30 hour train journey to Sochi, on the Black Sea, in a […]

Photo Friday 01.16: Peru Rail

Photo Friday‘: Pictures from faraway lands.

Check out my pictures and travelogs from Peru.