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Indian passport: Awful for travel, excellent for making friends!

Indian travellers often complain that they face lots of restrictions on their travels due to the limitations of the Indian passport. Indeed, India ranks poorly on the visa restrictions index since only 51 countries will allow Indian citizens to either travel there without visa or get a visa on arrival. However, let’s look at the silver lining shall we?

Back on the road: Turkey and India

From Canada to Turkey and onwards to motherland India, I have been anxiously looking forward to this travel expedition. Travelling is the best way to spend money, isn’t it?

Türkiye Merhaba: Too much research spoils the fun?

I work, I save, I travel. As a result, between my trips, I have plenty of time to read about a place and to get to know it from a theoretical perspective. My idea of recreation is to do geeky things like reading history, looking at maps, memorizing train timings and redrawing archeological sketches. No wonder that, as soon as I saw an opportunity to travel to Turkey, I excitedly jumped into a full-fledged research mode.

Voy a Ecuador!

I arrived in Quito, the capital of Ecuador today. Since I diligently followed the first two phases of my work-save-travel model for the past few months, I was so looking forward for this vacation.

Colombia… I’ll visit you some other time

Colombia is one of the few Latin American countries that requires a tourist visa for Indian citizens who have a permanent resident status in Canada.

Therefore, earlier this week, I applied for a Colombian visitor visa. I was going to be in Ecuador and I wanted to checkout a border town which is easier reached from Quito than from Bogota

When less is more

Being frugal on the road is not difficult at all. Infact, after a while, it becomes a way of life because it’s natural for us to want more for less. Travellers will LOVE talking about the things they do to save money and I am no exception. In this post, I’ve discussed top three strategies that I passionately follow in order to save money during travel


Trip to Mexico in January

How to get a Russian travel visa

This post is part of my Russia travel series: Travel stories | Photo gallery Everything you need to know from applying to registering a Russian Travel Visa Getting a Visa for Russia is NOT a straightforward process. 1. Get an invitation First, you must have an invitation (visa support letter) to visit Russia. This invitation […]

Welcome to Bhutan!

Bhutan travelogue: Chapter 4 | Read other chapters – See photo gallery Next post: Into the heart of Bhutan » Notes on entry / visa procedures for visiting Bhutan as a tourist. Bhutan places some restrictions on the movement of foreign tourists, and doesn’t allow them an unrestricted access to travel in the country. Getting […]