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Route to El Chico: hits and misses

I love traveling in the lowest class of collective transport – the vehicles that start only when full and stop wherever people flag them down. These are usually quite systematic, but for a visitor like me, these seem chaotic, crowded and confusing. Add to that one of my favorite thrills of traveling in a foreign country – the language barrier, the resulting combination of these random factors

Finding a Mexican samosa in Pachuca

Pastes are semi-circular turnovers made with pastry crust and are very similar to the Indian baked samosa. Pastes come with various fillings – mole verde (green sauce), mole roja (red sauce), pineapple, apple, potatoes and refried beans; my favorite being mole verde and pineapple. Other than that, there is plenty to see in this small, quite un-touristy town close to Mexico city.