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Why the Brooklyn Bridge is my favourite attraction in NYC

As the bridge majestically rises over the East River, it takes the pedestrian pathway to the top. From that point you see a wide expanse of water on the left side and tall buildings in front. This transition, from smaller buildings in Brooklyn to skyscrapers in Manhattan, on a little strip of walkway suspended fifty meters in the air always evokes a fuzzy feeling of emptiness in me..

New York city and Chicago

New York City – Manhattan skyline. (April, 2008) I’m going on a short trip to New York City and Chicago starting tomorrow. I’ve scheduled posts for a week or so – something that I am testing for the first time because somehow I have this hangup about the concept of blogging which I feel should […]

New York city

New York City – Manhattan skyline Thats right. What did I do this long weekend? I went to New York City. Got soaked in the NY spirit for three-and-half days straight and that left me thirsty for more. It was too crowded due to the Easter Holiday. But that made it excitinger. I’ll post some […]