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Three bike trails that unlock the beauty of the Niagara region

The Niagara peninsula of Canada has a large network of cycling trails that will keep you busy for days. In this post I have described three of my favourite trails which I have biked as part of a day-trips or in multi-day cycling itineraries.

Year 2011 in review

This year I travelled to two new countries: Mexico and Ecuador. Besides that, I got a full time job, a house and things like that.

Taking time off for travelling will certainly become increasingly difficult, but I will make it happen anyway since travelling is the best way to spend money, don’t you agree?

The Commercial Spectacle At Niagara Falls

Being so close to Toronto, I have been to Niagara falls about half a dozen times, including thrice on my bicycle. The layout of this area is quite interesting. On the eastern bank of Niagara river is USA with just a random building or two. On the western (Canadian) side of the bank is the busy walking trail hugging a densely packed, loud and bright commercial zone. This post is about that zone.

Niagara’s Man Made Wonder – Welland Canal

On the way to Niagara Falls from Toronto is the [tag]Welland Canal[/tag]. It is a man made construction that connects [tag]Lake Ontario[/tag] and [tag]Lake Erie[/tag]. Lake Erie is about 100 meters above lake Ontario and guess what this canal does…. it lifts the ships up! awesome, isn’t it? Canadian Encyclopedia describes it as follows: The […]

Niagara Falls

Sequel to my previous post: [tag]Niagara falls[/tag]: evening Some more pictures: [tag]Queen Victoria Park[/tag] at Niagara Falls is called the ‘heart’ of Niagara parks. During peak seasons, it has thousands of daffodils, rock garden and some beautiful trails. A tree in Queen Victoria Park [tag]Rainbow Bridge[/tag] across the Niagara river connects US and Canada. The […]