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A geeky geographic overview of the Canadian Rockies

A brief overview of the Canadian Rocky mountains and some differences from their US counterparts. Plenty of winter sport options are available in this region which is quite unusual for someone like me living in Toronto. Hopefully some day I can go on a multi-day hiking trail and camp in the wilderness. Skiing I am not so sure… lol

The curious case of collapsing volcanic craters

Hiking to Quilotoa’s spectacular emerald green volcanic caldera lake

Cotopaxi volcano’s south face

I had never been close to a volcano before and the only imagination I had was based on shows on the Discovery channel. We parked our jeep at the end of a dirt trail from which arrows pointed to a viewpoint at approximately 4,000m (13,123 ft). View of the surroundings was majestic. Barren lands for as long as my eyes could see and low hanging clouds everywhere

Hiking to Mt. Fuya Fuya

Laguna Mojanda looked fabulous from here and its colour changed depending on the amount of cloud cover and direct sunlight. At one point, it appeared light turquoise, blending with the surrounding topography, while at other times it changed into a shiny blue, standing out distinctly. Wild grass and short plants bearing little bright flowers grew at strategic places on the trail, offering support while hiking on slippery surfaces while wearing inappropriate shoes.

Hitchchiking to laguna Cuicocha, the guinea pig lake

After I was sufficiently cold, wet and had hurled enough curses at Indra the god of rain, it stopped raining. (Try saying, “Stop messing around with the ladies, don’t you have anything else to do?”) And a car appeared, giving me a sympathetic look. Thus, the conditions of making me miserable had been satisfied and I got a ride back to the town of Cotacachi by late afternoon

Bird’s eye view of Quito

Quito, as you may know, is located in a valley surrounded by mountains and peaks on all sides. In addition, the city has some tall structures from where the views are breathtaking.

1. Basílica del Voto Nacional – atop steep stairs and rickety planks
2. “TeleferiQo” – on the flanks of Volcano Pichincha
3. El Panecillo – from inside the virgin of Quito
4. Itchimbía – the other side

To Ski or not to Ski: That is the question

Canadian Rocky mountains, in summer or in winter The Canadian Rockies are world renowned for their skiing credentials, but skiing and snowboarding are not the only sport this part of the country boasts. During the summer months, the resorts double up as popular golf destinations, benefiting from idyllic alpine views, crystal clear waters and crisp […]

Photo Friday 01.14: Himalayas

Photo Friday‘: Pictures from faraway lands.
This edition brings pictures from Himalayas in Uttaranchal, India

Photo Friday 01.08: Colca Canyon

Photo Friday‘: Pictures from faraway lands.

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