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How to see a Russian Ballet at Moscow’s State Kremlin Palace

Watching “The Nutcracker” performed by the Bolshoi ballet in Moscow’s Kremlin was one of the highlights of my trip to Russia. The setting, the music, costumes and the performances were perfect! Storytelling by young men and women with long legs jumping and spinning around the stage on their toes while wearing funky costumes = priceless.

Spending a day in the heart of Moscow

Waking up early in the morning, I pack my knapsack with my guidebook, a map of Moscow, a traveller’s dictionary, bottle of water and a camera, all ready to explore the top attractions of Moscow, and by extension, Russia. After my riding the crowded Moscow metro for the first time, I get off at Ploshchad Revolyutsi subway station and head straight for the Red Square.

Photo Friday 03.02: Moskva river and the Kremlin

Bolshoy Kamenny Bridge on river Moskva and Kremlin at the back. You can see some Administrative and Religious buildings such as Great Kremlin Presidential Palace, Annunciation Cathedral, etc.

Moscow looks beautiful at night and walking in the area around the Kremlin will yield to several photo opportunities.

Photo Friday 02.11: Peace wall

On one end of the pedestrian-only Arbat street, arguably one of the oldest surviving street in Moscow is a colourful wall built on the theme of international friendship. School children were asked to paint each tile of the wall back in the Soviet times, now the wall is covered in graffiti (and chewing gum)

Photo Friday 02.02: Kremlin guards

Russia is among the few countries in the world which imposes conscription on male citizens, although there are a number of ways to avoid military draft. One can easily see a large number of soldiers in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Read more in this week’s ‘Photo Friday

Moscow at Night

Photo essay: When the sun goes down, Moscow lights up. This is part of the series entitled Rouble chronicles, narrating my stories from Russia.

My first ride in the Moscow Metro

I rode the Moscow metro on my first day in Moscow and my initial impression was a mixture of nervousness and excitement. Join me as I negotiate claustrophobic tunnels, smile at expressionless babushkas, go down lengthy escalators and duck the policemen…

Stolovaya No. 57

How to eat Russian food in a Soviet-era canteen: I went to this eatery right next to the Red Square and ended up eating a large meal. The experience of getting there, buying food and eating it was quite interesting!

Metro stations or museums?

One could easily spend an entire day stopping at major stations and marveling at the beautiful architecture, sculptures, paintings and other art installations