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How to Enjoy Hitchhiking in Bhutan, with Monks and Truckers

I stood at a road intersection for 30 minutes, waiting for a ride. Then I saw some girls walking in the opposite direction, so I greeted them. They agreed to help me out and guess what, within minutes a pickup truck stopped and the young driver agreed to drive me to India, confessing later that the only reason he agreed to take me was to please the girls.

Hitchhiking disappointments in Yucatan

A kid screams from the window of the first car that zooms past. I stand at that spot for 15 minutes, making a sign at every soul that drives past, determined to catch a ride. A dozen cars and pickup trucks pass but other than some enthusiastic waves, some shrugging, some fishy looks and a mandarin peel, I get nothing.

Other than sunglasses and a backpack, there is nothing quite touristy about my attire and while I have some golden coloured hair, I certainly don’t have a white-guy look at all. I quickly put my shades away, put the backpack on the ground and resume the wait with a bright smile and sparkle in my eyes (the sun is strong).

Hitchchiking to laguna Cuicocha, the guinea pig lake

After I was sufficiently cold, wet and had hurled enough curses at Indra the god of rain, it stopped raining. (Try saying, “Stop messing around with the ladies, don’t you have anything else to do?”) And a car appeared, giving me a sympathetic look. Thus, the conditions of making me miserable had been satisfied and I got a ride back to the town of Cotacachi by late afternoon

Exiting Bhutan, when you run out of money

Bhutan travelogue: Chapter 29 | Read other chapters – See photo gallery I mismanaged my money situation… again… I planned my money recklessly in Bhutan, I don’t know why,.. (perhaps I was overconfident?). I carried some cash with me and thought that I would use a ATM or credit card to withdraw additional money in […]

Hitchhiking to Cheli La, a summit filled with prayer flags

Bhutan travelogue: Chapter 26 | Read other chapters – See photo gallery Hitching a ride in a jeep, an army truck, and a family car to get to the Cheli La pass ↑ Waiting for a ride at Bondey, the road to Cheli La separates from the Thimphu – Paro road here My friend and […]

Safed and the Kabala

This post is part of my Israel travel series Scrolls from the Holy Land: Travel stories | Photo gallery Safed is one of Judaism’s 4 holy sites and is the center of Kabbalah, the mystical aspect of Judaism. Note: This post is going to be superficial since I just ‘touched’ Safed. Honestly, I underestimated its […]