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First time abroad

The first time I traveled outside India was in December 2006. My flight from Mumbai to Toronto had a four hour layover at London’s Heathrow airport, making England (UK) the first foreign soil that I stepped on (albeit only at the airport, but that counts, right?).
I felt I was in some exotic place – everything was written in English and there were white people everywhere. The announcements were in an accent that I had previously heard only on BBC or back when I was learning English by watching sitcoms like Mind your Language and Yes, Minister.

How to survive Aeroflot

Aeroflot, the Russian airline, is infamous for many reasons ranging from customer service to flight safety. Here are some of my thoughts about it.

Toronto Tuesday 01.16

Volume 1, Edition 16 ‘Toronto Tuesday‘ is a weekly photo feature about random stuff (landmarks, people, culture, seasons, etc.) in the city. Earlier today I was hanging out at the Toronto ferry docks and the city’s small airport was nearby. It’s actually on an island few hundred meters from the coast. Smaller commercial flights and […]

Exiting Israel, only for now

This post is part of my Israel travel series Scrolls from the Holy Land: Travel stories | Photo gallery My plane too off the runway and as I watched the land of Israel from my window growing smaller and smaller, I inadvertently found saying to myself: “येतो मी…” (yeto mee) – An informal ‘good bye’ […]

Andean Explorations – 3: Toronto to Lima

This post is part of my Peru travel series: Travel stories | Photo gallery The flight last night was a long but entertaining one thanks to my neighbor, i.e. person sitting next to me in the flight. A herbologist (I never met one before) from BC, she was hilarious and kept me and everyone around […]

From Toronto to Jerusalem, with love

This post is part of my Israel travel series Scrolls from the Holy Land: Travel stories | Photo gallery Finally I start narrating the story 🙂 20 December: Canada to Israel Someone told me that El Al (एल आल) terminals are always located at the end of the airport, because they need elaborate security arrangements. […]