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A tourist guide to public transport in Quito

Since I am completely committed to sustainable modes of public transit as opposed to taxis or cars, I was delighted to find that most, if not all, principal sights of tourist importance in Quito can be accessed by public transport. For a mere $0.25, one can navigate a vast network of efficient public transit system to get to different parts of Quito. It might seem slow, crowded and chaotic, but what’s the point of travelling if one doesn’t mingle with the common man and experience all that?

When the bus breaks down

I packed before going to bed last night so that I could wake up early and leave without disturbing other people in my dorm. I hate to be the guy who wakes everyone up at 5am in the morning. Merida was beautiful at dawn, a bit foggy, with birds flying around and women sweeping the streets and raising a cloud of dust. I hurriedly made my way to the bus station.

Rapid transit, above and below surface

Some stories, funny incidents and a tour of Mexico city’s two rapid transit systems. The underground metro and the above-ground metrobus.

Route to El Chico: hits and misses

I love traveling in the lowest class of collective transport – the vehicles that start only when full and stop wherever people flag them down. These are usually quite systematic, but for a visitor like me, these seem chaotic, crowded and confusing. Add to that one of my favorite thrills of traveling in a foreign country – the language barrier, the resulting combination of these random factors


This post is part of my Russia travel series: Travel stories | Photo gallery Quick, flexible and cheap, Marshrutka’s are local shared taxis of Russia, operating on fixed routes. A Marshrutka in Sochi A Marshrutka is a minibus, a shared taxi seen is most of the erstwhile Soviet states. Similar to privately-owned public transportation in […]

Andean Explorations – 9: Arequipa to Puno

This post is part of my Peru travel series: Travel stories | Photo gallery Exiting Arequipa I came back from the Colca canyon trek and bid adieu to fellow trekkers. I was goddamn exhausted after the trek but considering the paucity of time, I booked a bus to Puno, the next city, that night itself. […]

Andean Explorations – 5: Lima to Arequipa

This post is part of my Peru travel series: Travel stories | Photo gallery Lima was too much city’ish and wanted to move to the interiors so I prepared to go to Arequipa (आरेकीपा) and left for the bus station. Arequipa is to the south east of Lima and a perfect base to visit the […]

From Toronto to Jerusalem, with love

This post is part of my Israel travel series Scrolls from the Holy Land: Travel stories | Photo gallery Finally I start narrating the story 🙂 20 December: Canada to Israel Someone told me that El Al (एल आल) terminals are always located at the end of the airport, because they need elaborate security arrangements. […]