Statue of Liberty – The cheapest way to see it

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Take the Staten Island Ferry – its free!

↑ Statue of Liberty.

I’ve been to New York City thrice and no matter how well I plan my budget, I always end up overspending. It’s alright, I think, because there are large number of wonderful things to do in New York City that are free, or almost free.

↑ Ferry Entrance on Manhattan

Take the Staten island ferry for example. Funded by the tax payers of New Yorkers (thank you very much!), this ferry service connects the mostly residential Staten Island with mostly commercial downtown Manhattan island. Statue of Liberty, located on the Liberty island, is just next to the ferry route. Thus, you can get a close enough view of the statue for free.

↑ Passenger waiting area

In fact, I never had the interest in visiting the actual site of the Statue of Liberty at all. If you don’t want to climb up to the crown, I don’t think its worth going – how much can one possibly see from the ground without straining our necks?

Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge

Directions: New York City’s subways couldn’t be more convenient. The South Ferry terminal station on Red line 1 is the closest, although Whitehall St. (South Ferry) on Yellow line N, R might be easier. Just look towards south and the entrance will be visible.

↑ Downtown Manhattan skyline

Have you taken the ferry before? Do tell me your experience. For more pictures of downtown Manhattan, checkout my NYC photo gallery.

↑ Ferry going back to Manhattan

From my discover USA travel series | Read other chapters – See photo gallery