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Copyright Policy

Content on this website is available under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. You are free to use, share, and edit the content for non commercial purposes and as long as you attribute the original work.

If you require a picture for personal or commercial use, I’m happy to share my work. Please ask my permission first. Thanks!

Comments Policy

Most of the posts allow readers to post comments. First-time comments are subject to my approval and will not be visible until I approve them.

I might edit your comment for editorial reasons but never alter the message. I reserve the exclusive right to moderate all comments posted on my site, including but not limited to:

  • Deleting comments that contain flames or ad hominem attacks against me, my family, or others in the blog or real-world community.
  • Deleting comments that are off-topic and/or deliberately pushing an unrelated agenda. (PS: I am smart)
  • Deleting comments that include irrelevant links to commercial sites. This is not a flea market. To be mean to you, I might leave your comment intact while removing the link.
  • Deleting comments that contain offensive language. This includes comments from trolls.
  • Deleting comments that are anonymous. If you can’t defend, don’t write.
  • PS: I am happy with my penis size and I am not looking for a hot 18-year old ‘friend’.

Offenders will be banned by all available means.

Trackbacks are remote comments and are subject to these same rules.

E-mail Privacy Policy

You are asked to include your e-mail address while posting comments and/or filling the contact form. This information is required only if I need to contact you regarding your comments. Your e-mail address will neither be displayed on any page of this website, nor will be shared with anyone else.

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Traveller, musician, blogger, bureaucrat. In that order. I'm very interested in trying new things and my interests are diverse. Food, people, places, technologies - I like them all. Whatever I do, I approach life with optimism and strive to make each day happy and fruitful.

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