I will officially be homeless in few days. So please don’t send me a snail mail, I don’t have a physical address for now. πŸ™‚

I sublet my apartment, packed my stuff in 7 boxes, dropped them off at friends places and now I am ready to travel. After working long hours, I quit my job, took a term off from school and arranged for this little 12 week holiday. Perhaps it was a bad move in these days of recession, but who cares, time to worry about it will only be in 2009.

Like the title says, I am headed for Russia first (3.2 weeks).

Travel route. (Image added after the fact) →

I have a sketchy itinerary for now which covers – European Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Golden Ring) and Caucasian Russia (Sochi, Black Sea). It’s a big country and I am spending very little time there. Which only means that I have to visit again!

And I learnt an important lesson from my Peru trip. Learning the local language is very very important, otherwise you are left in the middle of nowhere (not that it’s bad.) So I spent last two months learning Russian. So many new sounds!

I will, unfortunately, miss reading many lovely blogs and I will try to catch up later. While I am carrying my laptop, I do not foresee blogging from Russia.

After Russia, I’ll visit India (7 weeks) and Bhutan (2 weeks) before returning back home (Toronto) early next year.

Any advice and tips welcome. My email address is ‘mail-at-priyank-dot-com’, I’ll be happy to hear from you πŸ™‚