Russia overview

Here are some pictures from my Russia trip.

My trip was centered around Moscow from where I took trips to Black Sea, Golden Ring cities and St. Petersburg. I had a friend in Moscow, which made traveling very convenient. πŸ™‚

↑ St. Basil’s Cathedral, Red Square, Moscow

The colorful onion domes are distinctive and no picture of Russia is complete without visiting this place, right on the edge of Red Square.

↑ Sochi: Preparing for the 2014 Winter Olympics

Sochi is Russia’s summer resort, located on Black Sea. It is very convenient to take a ship across the sea and land in Turkey (a route that must be done some day!)

↑ Church of the Intercession on the Nerl river, Bogolyubovo

A charm among Golden Ring cities, consisting of ancient Russian orthodox churches, this is one of the oldest religious structures in Russia. It is located about 200 km north-east of Moscow and is not very touristic.

↑ Moscow Metro – Journey to the center of the earth

Imagine standing on an escalator for two minutes straight. Yes, you need to do that in order to reach the metro platform πŸ™‚

↑ St. Petersburg from Dvortsovy (Palace) Bridge

St. Petersburg (Petrograd) is full of European architecture and beautiful artistic stuff sprinkled all over its canals and bridges.

↑ Viborg, near Finland border

Barely 30 km from the Finnish border, I was expecting to see some Vikings with their horn hats and long boats, but alas.

↑ St. Basil’s Cathedral at night, Moscow
My last day in Moscow was as perfect as it could get πŸ™‚ Thanks Evgeny!