Photo Friday 03.06: Street signs in old and new districts of Quito

Quito, a city of the old and the new.

Photo Friday‘ is a weekly series showcasing pictures from around the world.

↑ Street sign in the Old quarter of Quito.

Almost like travelling in a time machine (which I hope becomes a reality sometime soon), but not quite, it is possible to experience sights and smells from two entirely different time periods in Quito. Quito’s old town, a UNESCO world heritage site, was built in the 16th century over a destroyed Inca capital. The area to the north of the historic centre, known as “La Mariscal”, is a late 20th century construct, with plenty of entertainment avenues such as bars, restaurants, discos and associated tourist attractions.

↑ Large street signs in modern part of Quito.

It’s fun to walk from Quito’s old district to the new, and watch things transition from colonial stone and brick construction to modern glass and steel buildings.

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